Investment Postcards – a make-over of which to be proud!

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The big moment has arrived – a new-look blog site for Investment Postcards from Cape Town! Since launching my international investment blog at the middle of last year, traffic has increased measurably, causing me to revamp the site.

But a fresh appearance is only one facet of the new site. Additions include features such an index ticker, stock market polls, a translator and video clips, and also sections on South Africa (where my investment management business has its headquarters) and Humor (for those moments when the weight of downmarkets becomes just a little too much to bear).

A very important change is the domain address (URL) of the blog, which is now: Please bookmark this address with your favorites and delete any reference to the old URL (

The principal advantage of an own domain is that it allows significantly more flexibility regarding site design, with the ultimate aim of providing readers with a compelling read in a pleasant blogging environment.

I hope you share my enthusiasm for this exciting project that has been immensely fulfilling and has enabled me to make so many new friends all around the world. Let’s raise a glass to memorable (and profitable) market moments!

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12 comments to Investment Postcards – a make-over of which to be proud!

  • Congratulations and happy blogging!

  • Mr. Obvious

    Nice improvement on the website, Prieur.

  • Congratulations – please keep up the great work.

  • Good luck! Your weekly wrap up is worth the read; keep up the good work

  • Yannick

    New start … always better
    Wish you the best

    Reading your postcard is one of my favorite moment in the week

    Bonne chance

  • samuel soto


  • Yours is one fine blog! Both in content and in design 🙂

  • Congratulations on the new and sleek look! I had bookmarked you since November last year since I was impressed by the incisive analysis and recommendations you have posted. Your recent item on the year of the Rat was also very informative.

    The vote box here is ingenious. The whole site has lost its seeming stiffness,looks more relaxed and easy to navigate all over. With humor, that will be the dessert! –Durano, done!

  • Agustin


    The blog is excellent!!!! thanks for the translator for those from south america (Argentina)

  • Eric

    Your comments are always interesting and insightful–but the new site is nowhere near as visually appealing and readable as the former, which I am going to miss.

  • Prieur –

    BCA appears to be a bit behind the curve in their assessment of the downside risks to the economy.

    Asha Bangalore at Northern Trust seems to have a better handle on the gravity of the deepening housing recession in stating that “The obvious and main conclusion from these aggressive moves is that Fed is “more than worried” about the economy and financial markets.”

    ‘More than worried’ is perhaps an understatement.

    I spent a good deal reflecting on the matter this weekend, it prompted me to review some economic events of the past, specifically the Great Depression of the 1930’s as experienced by some of the brightest economists of that era juxtaposed with some of the brightest economists of our own era.

    I have posted my musings on the potential for a Debt-Deflation Spiral into a deep Recession or Depression on my blogsite this weekend. Some of your readers may find it a worthwhile read.

    The reflections are admittedly a bit Cassandra-like, but with the risks to the economy unbalanced as they are to the downside at this juncture, a cruise down memory lane was worth the trip.

    John Bougearel

  • Prieur,

    And one more thing, Eric has a point, you have shrunk the image size of the postcard from capetown too much. Therein lies teh visual appeal to your blog

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