SA credit growth showing signs of slowing

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By Kevin Lings

In May 2008, SA growth in broad money supply (M3) was recorded at 20.9% y/y, down fractionally from 21.1% y/y in April. The market was expecting growth of 20.4% y/y. In May, claims on the private sector rose by a still relatively robust R15.9bn. Overall, while M3 growth remains […]

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Wall Street’s roller coaster

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Hat tip: Barry Ritholtz’s The Big Picture, June 24, 2008.


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Words from the (investment) wise for the week that was (June 23 – 29, 2008)

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Greetings from Slovenia. Renewed fears of inflation and slower growth caused by record energy costs played havoc with global stock markets last week, resulting in the Dow Jones Industrial Average being on track to record its worst June since the Great Depression. As stocks suffered, gold bullion surged and government bond yields dropped due to safe-haven buying. Read all about this in my weekly review, highlighting some thought-provoking news items and quotes from market commentators during the past week. […]

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Dow Jones: Worst June Since Depression

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Equity investors are facing their worst June since the Great Depression on the back of concerns about the health of Western banks, the rise in oil prices, deteriorating economic growth and worsening inflationary pressures. […]

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Video: Buffett Concerned About “Stag” and “Flation”

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Warren Buffett said yesterday that he was concerned about “stagflation”, or slowing in the US economy while inflation accelerates. “I think the ‘flation’ part will heat up and I think the ‘stag’ part will get worse.” This video clip makes for interesting viewing material. […]

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Picture du Jour: Sun Rising Over Japanese Stocks

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The sun may be rising over Japanese stocks. After years of underperformance, the tables seem to be turning in Japan’s favor. Although the Japanese stock market will probably not escape the leash effect of Wall Street’s bearish sentiment, it should be in a position to better fend off downside risks. […]

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