Buy cheap, sell expensive

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By Jeremy Gardiner

The second quarter of 2008 continued along a theme that is becoming all too familiar and is a trend that has now been in place for seven years. Simply put, if you weren’t in commodities, you didn’t make any money. In fact, you probably lost money.

The resources-heavy […]

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Round-table Discussion: How to Prevent the Next Bubble

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“The financial crisis has shown that markets are bubble-prone and that laissez-faire regulation doesn’t work. The authorities need to get a grip if we are to avoid a mega-bubble. But we may need an even deeper crisis for that to happen.” That is the conclusion of a fascinating round-table discussion just published by Prospect magazine. […]

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Explaining the poor performance of the rand

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By Kevin Lings

In the first six months of 2008, the rand exchange rate weakened by 12.6% against the dollar. This makes the rand one of the worst-performing currencies in the world for the year to date. In fact, looking at a list of the 22 most important emerging markets in the […]

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Consumer confidence gives the ghost

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By Cees Bruggemans

What took four years to build up during 2004-2007 was wiped out in a matter of six months in 1H2008. It is a dubious achievement indeed.

FNB/BER consumer confidence dropped to a level of -6 in 2Q2008 compared to +12 in 1Q2008 and +22 in 4Q2007. That’s a […]

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Stock Market Performance Round-up: Nowhere to Hide

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I have put together a table of global stock markets’ performance over various measurement periods. The numbers speak for themselves and can best be summarized in a single sentence: “Nowhere to hide.” […]

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