Market Fundamentals are Appalling

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A fascinating discussion a few weeks ago in welling@weeden with Albert Edwards and James Montier of Société Générale is republished in this post. They are, in a word, skeptics, and at this juncture most deeply skeptical of any and all notions that “the worst is over”. The recession, which has barely begun, is more likely to be deep than shallow, market valuations are hideously expensive and the “flation” policymakers should be worried about starts with de-, not in-. […]

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Words from the Wise: Gone Fishing (in Switzerland)

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I find myself in the Swiss Alps this weekend, spending a few days with my family in the picturesque village of Veysonnaz. While tranquillity reigns and the family delights in having my attention for a change, the bad news for readers is that “Words from the Wise” is taking a break this Sunday. […]

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Michael Lewis: Rules to Keep Your Skin in Wall Street Massacre

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With the outlook for the economy and financial markets rather gloomy, it is good sometimes to reflect on matters from a different perspective. In this post author Michael Lewis shares with us, in a humorous manner, his ideas on how we can survive the current mess. […]

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