Words from the (investment) wise for the week that was (August 25 – 31, 2008)

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The gyrations of financial markets ahead of the Labor Day weekend tested the patience of bulls and bears alike. Nervousness about the financial system was still paramount as investors realized that none of the problems were likely to be fixed anytime soon. Read all about this in my weekly review, highlighting some thought-provoking news items and quotes from market commentators during the past week. […]

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Investor Psychology Cycle – Are We “There” Yet?

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As the pendulum swings between greed and fear, investors typically become over-enthusiastic during bull markets and over-despondent as the bear’s growl grows louder. The typical behaviour of investors is linked to the so-called investor psychology cycle, and this post seeks to apply this cycle to the present stock market situation. […]

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Round Table: Cyclical Downturn Seeks Bottom and Rebound

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By Cees Bruggemans

Attending the FNB Fixed Investment Round Table for 3Q 2008 with its usual heavy slant to property, building activity and manufacturing were:

Cees Bruggemans – Chief Economist, FNB Pieter Laubscher – Chief Economist, BER Charles Martin – Senior Economist, BER Erwin Rode – CEO and Economist, Rode & […]

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Dead Men Walking

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“When I look at my Bloomberg monitor each day that contains my 100 most important indices, companies, commodities, bonds, bond spreads, preferred shares, etc, I shudder. The reason I shudder is that my screen doesn’t have just one ‘problem child’. It looks like a screen that contains many ‘dead men walking’,” says Bennet Sedacca in a guest contribution to Investment Postcards. . […]

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Investment Postcards: Turning One and Growing

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It feels like yesterday when I nervously posted my first article in the blogosphere a little more than a year ago. And not in my wildest dreams did I imagine the extraordinarily fulfilling experience it would be. Please share a glass with me on Investment Postcards going from strength to strength and, above all, on friendship! […]

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South Africa – a country of contrasts

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By Dr Mark Mobius

The flight from Dubai to Johannesburg took us seven hours down across the Gulf of Aden over Addis Ababa, Nairobi and Mogadishu. First stop: Johannesburg where most of the large company offices are located. Things are not going so well on the South African political and economic front. […]

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