Spare me a quadrillion – only in a land of zeros

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A check for Z$1.072 quadrillion, drawn on the MBCA bank in Zimbabwe, has just crossed my path. The sad truth of hyperinflation is that this astronomical number equates to only a tiny amount of US dollars. […]

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Devil’s Dictionary for Financial Markets

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There is nothing like a good dose of humor to cheer one up from the otherwise depressing economic situation. The honors go to Norgate Investor Services who compiled the amusing Devil’s Dictionary for Financial Markets, the A to Z of satirical investment definitions. […]

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Priced for perfection

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By Cees Bruggemans

Most of our economic forecasts now look suspiciously priced for perfection, reflecting a bet that inflation will plunge and interest rates will come off.

But will these two indicators perform as billed?

CPIX inflation is supposed to plunge from its imminent 13.5% 3Q 2008 peak, […]

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