Three catalysts should see equities beat cash in 2009

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By Chris Freund

Government and central bank intervention is battling to hold the tide against worsening financial market sentiment. The US bail-out package is likely to be passed in a moderated form now that the markets have demonstrated the potentially catastrophic consequences of inaction. In addition, we could well see coordinated government […]

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Global liquidity crisis: What now?

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This post considers the likelihood of three possible outcomes of the bail-out plan and its effect on the global economy, financial markets and currencies. […]

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Let’s get seized-up banking back on track

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“… there is plenty of room for differing opinions. But there is precious little time to continue analyzing and comparing these opinions. Action is needed, and in this case what is arguably imperfect action is preferable to inaction in search of perfection,” said guest contributor Rob Fraim about the government’s bailout plan. “Enough talk. Enough politicking. Let’s get it done, let’s get it working, let’s get it back on track.” […]

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