The 2008 credit crisis versus the 1929 depression

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By Adrian Clayton

Not since 1929 has an economic event had such a profound affect on the world’s economy as the current US sub-prime meltdown.

This development has far reaching systemic risks that could still be felt for years to come. Possible implications include the cost of money escalating globally, a […]

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Rand reflects global turmoil

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By Cees Bruggemans

At 8.55:$ and weakening, it would be pushing the envelope to describe the Rand as resilient and not ‘weak’.

Still, most of such perceived Rand weakness reflects the Dollar gaining strongly on the back of global financial funding problems.

Against Sterling and the Euro, together accounting […]

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The helicopters are coming

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“For all the fireworks that the financial sector provides at the moment, at the end of the day, it is the damage done to the real economy that matters,” said guest contributor Niels Jensen in an interesting article on how he sees the economic picture developing. He also reminds us that Debt + Deflation = Devastation. […]

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