Five questions about the current market crisis:

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By Adrian Clayton

Today I am going to address questions that are relevant with respect to the credit crisis which has besieged markets. They are all topical in that they have been asked of us by our clients.

1. Were asset managers aware of the risks?

Most market participants understood […]

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Stock market performance round-up: Crash of 2008

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I normally publish a performance review of global stock markets at the end of each month, but the meltdown around the world of the past few days necessitated an update. The voracity of the bear has simply been astounding! […]

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Time for the fall

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Source: Lisa Benson, Slate, October 9, 2008.


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Nouriel Roubini: World at severe risk of financial meltdown

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In this alert Nouriel Roubini sets out his latest views on the global economic and financial crisis. In short, he believes the world is at risk of a global systemic financial meltdown and a severe global depression unless certain steps are taken straightaway. […]

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Bailout Man Song

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Can anything make the Wall Street bailout even slightly more palatable? Hardly. But Eva Moon & the Lunatics mix it up with a little funk and sex and succeed in providing a much-needed laugh. Enjoy. […]

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