Living in a PCC World

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By Jeremy Gardiner

It’s been a very difficult year. But no matter how hard the first half of the year was, the third quarter was worse. And it’s by no means over yet. The extreme market moves of the past two months led to a new term being phrased, appropriate across the […]

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How low, how bad, how long?

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A fair bit of deliberation has taken place on this site regarding stock market valuations, and specifically what is in store for the “E” component of PE multiples. In order to cast light on this matter and to incorporate insightful research into the valuation debate, I have obtained republishing permission to share with readers a study just published by John Hussmann. […]

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Living on a prayer

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“Markets are sliding down the ‘slope of hope’. The biggest problem in the markets at present is that earnings estimates are woefully too high. This is otherwise known as a ‘value trap’,” said guest contributor Bennet Sedacca in an article dealing with the valuation of the US stock market. […]

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