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The Aggregator Bank will soon be established to buy troubled assets from financial institutions, according to Sheila Bair of the FDIC.

For some amusement, I last week tried to register the internet domain However, another aspirant banker was quicker on the draw. His reselling price? It was initially $100,000, but has since increased to more than $1 million! The seller wrote me the following note: “Unfortunately [for potential buyers] this name is increasing in value daily. I must ask for a much higher price.”

Despite the financial crisis, the entrepreneurial spirit seems to be alive and well!



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2 comments to Any buyers for

  • Frank W

    I wouldn’t lose any sleep over your failure to snare the URL “”. These tries at instant billionairedom rarely work. I mean, there are just too many alternatives for this URL. For example, one could use “” or “” for short as its establishment will no doubt upset a lot of conservative types. Then there is the possibility of “” or just “”. This would be an especially appropriate URL as this bank is supposed to be able to swallow anything, no matter how rotten and disgusting. Hope my suggestions make you feel better.
    Frank W.

  • Frank W

    I have rethought your problem with “” fairly thoroly. It seems to me that the only valuable URLs for this Aggregator Bank website are “” and “”. Why would the FDIC want to use anything else? Now the second possibility is obviously out of reach to any third party. Moreover, I hold the suspicion that the registrar for “.gov” domain names would not register the URL “” to any third party, particularly a foreign national. You might be successful at registering “” or “” or “www.aggregatorbank.bus”, but I see little value in doing so. As for “”, in my opinion this URL possesses little to no value.
    Frank W

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