Investment Postcards: New features and a personal appeal

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When I nervously posted my first article on the WordPress blogging template in June 2007, I did not in my wildest dreams anticipate the extraordinarily fulfilling experience that lay ahead.

But I have realized all along that to provide readers with interesting, and hopefully useful, content is only part of the story. It is also necessary to provide them with a pleasant and stimulating blogging environment, offering a variety of exciting and dynamic features.

And talking of features, I have added a few interesting ones over the past few weeks. These features reside in the sidebar (i.e. the column on the right-hand side of the blog site) and include the following:


Since Donald Coxe’s departure from BMO towards the end of last year, I have been inundated with enquiries about whether his much-revered “Basic Points” research reports would still be published. The good news is that Donald is planning on resuming these reports, and a new edition may very well appear later this month. In the meanwhile, Donald has also resumed his weekly webcast, which can be accessed by clicking on his image in the sidebar.



Jeff Saut’s webcast providies daily update on the investment scene. He is Head of Investment Strategy at Raymond James, and although you may not always agree with his views, the audio commentaries are stimulating and insightful.



You might have noticed the “listen now” image in the top left-hand corner of each post. I have installed a feature that converts the text content of the blog posts into near-human quality audio files, allowing readers to download the posts to iPods and MP3 players.


A Twitter feed has been added to the sidebar where I post short comments (maximum 140 characters) on topical market issues, and also on my personal whereabouts. You can also “follow me” directly on Twitter by clicking here. As an aside, this social networking site was used extensively by Barack Obama during his presidential campaign, and has also become a “search engine with a difference”.



Two useful items that have been in the sidebar for a while are a Dow Jones Radio podcast and Newsflashr.


The Dow Jones Radio podcast provides a short and sweet hourly update (one-minute duration) on markets every day markets are open.


Newsflashr is an innovative aggregator of financial news, bringing readers up-to-date headlines (fully clickable) from most of the important newspapers and blogs.

This brings me to the question of advertising. I run the blog for the love of it with no commercial consideration. But it does cost money to maintain the site in the sense that various expenses are incurred, ranging from hosting to ongoing development and maintenance. In an attempt to at least try to cover the costs, I have resorted to some advertising.

Although I do not have any say regarding the Google ads that are displayed on the site, I have tried to be selective as far as the other advertising slots are concerned. I believe services such as Fusion IQ and Wall Street Stock Selector are unique and have the potential to add dollars to readers’ pockets in these troubled times.


FusionIQ is a web-based software platform “fusing” the two widely followed investment disciplines of technical and fundamental analysis into a cohesive, equity and group ranking system. The system is based on objective and unemotional criteria, allowing investors to determine which stocks to buy, sell, or hold, while traders can target specific trading candidates before they make their moves.



Wall Street Sector Selector comprises a trading system in respect of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), focusing strongly on sector rotation and risk management. The entire spectrum of ETFs is covered.






Personal appeal
Advertising revenue is dependent on traffic to the site – the more visitors, the higher the advertising revenue. And this is where I want to appeal to all my subscribers and readers to please spread the word about Investment Postcards being a valuable resource. If each of you can “recruit” just one additional reader, it will be immensely helpful. Please also become a “regular” by subscribing to the updates (see subscription facility at the top of the right-hand sidebar).

The deal I’m offering is simply the following: help me boost the number of readers/subscribers (and thereby reducing the  blog’s operational losses), and I undertake to continually improve the site for the benefit of the entire community. It sounds like a win-win situation. Up to the challenge?


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11 comments to Investment Postcards: New features and a personal appeal

  • Fergus


    When there is relevant content within your blog, I post the link on investment bulletin boards and trust that this does result in traffic to your site.


  • Lou O'Neill Jr.

    dear prieur–am ALWAYS singing your praises and passing along your insightful thoughts…one problem however…no matter how i try…cannot seem to pull in donald coxe’s weekly call…have tried and…tried again…any suggestions???…keep up the great work…Lou O’Neill…-30-

  • Lou: Thank you for your loyal support. The direct link to Donald’s webcast is:

    Cut & paste this into your browser. If Firefox doesn’t work, try IE.

  • rich

    Prieur — Your blog is another tool in my kit (and a valuable one). However, my investment activities are private. I’m not one to tout either my stock picks or my research sources. I do enjoy your new site, I have no problem with advertising, and I wish you continued success.

  • Lawrence

    I always read and enjoy your web site. I live in Thailand and often travel to “beyond the beyond”. If I try to open your site when it is just published it will crash my IE 7. Only time a crash happens. If I can not get to it for a week or more it opens without a problem.
    I am happy to spread the word. Love the site.

  • Prieur – I point to your posts an average of twice a week on my blog. Keep up your excellent work. All the best, Bill

  • Scott

    Dear Prieur – I appreciate your hard work assembling this gem and recommend whenever I can. Please note – Clicking the Don Coxe webcast, one cannot then back-page to your website. This is not a problem with the Saut link.
    Thanks again.

  • Ian Nunn

    I sent a recommendation to 8 friends and acquaintances that might be interested – a small price to pay to keep an expensive service such as yours, up and running.

    As long as advertising isn’t obtrusive, I find it perfectly reasonable.

  • John Cafferky

    Dear Prieur,
    thank you for a really great blog. If I understand you correctly, just visiting the site is beneficial? I have tended to visit and take on large chunks at a time. If it is better for you, I will take up each item individually.

    Thank you so much,


  • graham evans

    Hi Prieur

    Also a fan of your site.

    I use Seamonkey, which effectively uses Firefox, but the browser also has trouble with Don’s talk. I can get to it using Firefox itself with add ons to Windows media player required to make it work, but would prefer to use only one browser without having to change for just one item. I have no trouble with any other posts from your site

    Thanks again for great info

  • Comment from Richard:

    Your site is unique, and I will “spread the word” to many of my friends who I know would also be interested. Your Feb 14 commentary and personal appeal were very helpful; in the past, I only read your commentary, and paid little heed to all the other stuff.

    PS: I have been an avid reader of John Mauldin for the past 7 years, and
    also an avid reader of your site for the past 6 months. I have about 8 or 9
    sites that are daily “MUST READs” for me, and yours is one of them.

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