A tribute to Bennet Sedacca

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Bennet Sedacca sadly passed away on Tuesday after slipping on a staircase and suffering a fatal brain injury. He was not only a regular contributor to the Investment Postcards site, but also a personal friend. We mourn this tragic loss.

The following words come from Todd Harrison, founder of the Minyanville financial site, through which I got to know Bennet:

“For those who read Bennet, the takeaway was simple: He was wicked smart, a master of the credit markets and extremely proud of his name and word. He was early in seeing the financial mess, as evidenced by his front-and-center presence in House of Cards, the recently released book that will serve as a tribute to his acumen.

“Those who knew Bennet will remember an acerbic wit wrapped around a heart of gold. He was a tough cookie who demanded the best of himself and those around him, and was never shy about expressing his opinion.
“Bennet was one of a kind and there aren’t words that will ease the pain of his family and friends.”

Rest in peace, Bennet.

Please post your condolences in the comments section. These will be forwarded to the family.


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19 comments to A tribute to Bennet Sedacca

  • Joy Eluvathingal

    I am deeply saddened by the news. He is no longer with us. He was very clear in his arguments. How can we forget his calls on Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers? I have been a regular reader of his articles.

    My sincere Condolences to his family and friends

  • Tony Le Grange

    Like everyone else I am truly shocked to hear the news of Bennett’s early departure,
    I like many others will miss his insight and humour especially one of his last pieces conerning the hits of the beatles, how very

  • Danny

    I was shocked to read this headline this morning. My sincere condolences go out to his family.

    Over the past few months, his letters have been the ones I looked forward to the most on Prieur’s website. His analysis was very thoughtful and interesting. It also helps that he was always right! 🙂

    He will be greatly missed and mourned. God Bless.

  • MaryAnn Linehan

    Heartfelt sympathy to Mr. Sedacca’s family and friends. I respectd and trusted his word so he was of immeasurable help to me.

    How freakish that we lost two lumiaries (Bennet & Nathash Richardson) due to falls and brain injuries within days of each other and both will be sorely missed.

    My gratitude to both for how they enriched my life.

    MaryAnn Linehan

  • I was deeply saddened by the news yesterday with the news.

    Bennet was a rare breed in today’s financial world..Wicked smart, honest, genuine….when you read his research you knew he was being honest and truthful with you.

    In 2009, that combination is very scarce.

    My prayers and thoughts are with his family and friends.

  • I first met Bennet at Bay Hill Golf Club in Orlando and immediately recognized his complete understanding of our financial markets. Whenever I travelled to Orlando (I live on Cape Cod) I always tried to sit down with him and talk about the credit crisis. Just about a month ago, we had another compelling conversation. I will surely miss him and so will some of my clients who enjoyed his analysis of the markets. My sympathy goes to his wife and family–he will be truly missed by them and many, many of his friends. He was truly a unique individual.

    Brian N. Drake, RFC

  • This a a truely great loss. My prayers go out to ask for comfort for his family.
    As a reader and avid follower of his work, plus a fellow former Paine Webber man, I will miss him.

  • Tom Finch

    Our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to his family and friends for their tragic loss.

    We will all miss his concise, accurate,
    insightful view and flawless judgment.

  • Edward Dobin

    I became aware of Bennet through Mr. du Pressis’ web-site, only recently. I have thoroughly enjoyed his analysis and insight. I am sorry to hear of this loss. Deepest condolences to his family.

  • Phil Sloan

    I was deeply saddened when I heard about Bennets passing. His clear insight and humor will be missed. It’s truly scary that such a youthful bright light can be extinguished in a nano second.

    Rest in peace.

  • garry o driscoll

    sincere sympathy to his family.
    as an irishman sailing the usa and bahamas i loved to read his succint articles and regularly sent them to my nephews and nieces in both ireland and the usa for their edification.

  • SA

    I am really saddened, Bennet wrote some of the best articles I ever read. He was always rational and accurate, this is a huge loss for the entire financial community and I hope he rests in peace. My sincere sympathy to his family members on this tragic loss.

  • Kevin Paetz

    What a loss… for his family first and foremost and then for all the investment community. He was prescient, and his wit was a delight to read. My deepest sympathies to his family on their loss.
    Requiem in pace.

  • Frank Lotrario

    My sincere condolences to Mr. Sedacca´s family. I hope it is some comfort to them in this time of extreme shock and pain to know that there are many of us who both respected him and benefitted from his insights and advice. We will always have him in our thoughts and prayers !!!!!…..Thanks Bennet !!!!!!!!

    Cali, Colombia

  • Ian Nunn

    I am amazed at the shock I feel. I had a great respect for his analysis and searched for it eagerly on a regular basis. His readers will miss him but his loved ones ones will miss him so much more. I am deeply sorry for all.

  • GreenAB

    i´m still shocked, speechless.

    this seems so senseless.

    Bennet Sedaca was one of the best voices in these trubulent times.

    my feelings belong to the family.

    rest in peace!


  • […] Oogway (Kung Fu Panda – hat tip: Charles Kirk). These words ring especially true as I mourn the sad loss of Bennet Sedacca. He was not only a brilliant strategist and regular contributor to the Investment Postcards site, […]

  • Joko Sutomo

    I would like to deliver my condolences to Mr. Bennet Sedacca’s family. Although I am a stranger to him, I am still shocked to hear this. I was a regular reader of almost anything he had written at minyanville.

    Joko from Indonesia

  • Lou O'Neill Jr.

    april 1st, 2009–only learned of mr. sedacca’s passing last evening at the new york hilton when i had the pleasure of rendezvousing with priuer and his talented associate, paul stewart…so terribly sad and tragic…mr. bennet was the real deal and a straight-shooter to boot…deepest condolences to his family ’cause there are so few words than may assuage such a loss…truly reminds me of what john lennon often said…”Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans!”…goodbye, bennet…we walk together no more…perhaps we shall all meet again in eternity…god speed…respectfully from rego park…Lou O’Neill…-30-

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