Roubini Global Economics: Navigating towards Bretton Woods 3?

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“… it is hard to argue that the large global imbalances that arose a few years ago had no role whatsoever in the current global synchronized recession. However, so far, global imbalances do not seem to be on even the long-term agenda of most of those trying to remake the global financial system,” argues Nouriel Roubini and his team in this thought-provoking article. […]

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Paul Kasriel: Preferred equity into common equity – accounting alchemy?

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“Treasury’s plan to enhance the capitalization of some financial institutions by beating preferred equity shares into common equity shares is accounting alchemy,” said Paul Kasriel. This guest posts provides his motivation. […]

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Sell in May and go away: fact or fallacy?

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Does the axiom “Sell in May and go away” have any scientific basis at all? This post offers an analysis. […]

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Animation: Recession Sing-A-Long!

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The classic “West Side Story” is enjoying its Broadway revival. Now comes the remix, “Worst Slide Story.”

Source: Walt Handelsman, Newsday, April 13, 2009.


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Prieur’s readings

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This post provides links to some interesting articles I have read over the past few days that you may also like to have a look at. […]

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Roubini Global Economics: 2009 Global Economic Outlook

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In this guest post Nouriel Roubini and his team present some of the main conclusions of the recently released update to their 2009 Global Economic Outlook. […]

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