What every bungee jumper knows

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By Cees Bruggemans

As monthly output releases paint a grim picture of an economy in freefall and operating way below resource capacity, financial data releases (falling inflation, constrained credit extension, narrowing trade deficit, firming Rand) keep reinforcing the case for more policy support.

Eventually freefall bottoms out and recovery commences.

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Secular bull in commodities remains intact

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This post features an update on the latest economic data from China, and a partcularly bullish assessment on commodities by David Rosenberg. […]

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How far can the dollar fall?

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The strategy of the Fed and Treasury to create trillions of dollars in new debt spells a gloomy outlook for the US greenback with important ramifications for investment decisions. This post features a short technical analysis on the most likely path for the dollar. […]

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Economist brains

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Economists have for long been on the receiving end of jokes. Just for fun … […]

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