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This post features an update on previous posts on commodities, including a short technical analysis on the most likely path the CRB Index. […]

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Donald Coxe – Investment Recommendations (June 2009)

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“The current US equity rally shows signs of needing a summer rest. But it will not fall back into the Slough of Despond,” recommends Donald Coxe in his latest “Basic Points” research publication. Click through to the post to read the full report. […]

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Economy – pushing on a string

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Another excellent cartoon from Tom Toles. […]

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Reuters SA Survey of Economists (May 2009)

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The May edition of the Reuters South African Survey of Economists has just been published. (The Reuters Econometer is a measure of economic sentiment drawn from a monthly poll of forecasts by leading economists in South Africa and abroad and presented in the form an index). The weightings used in the index are: […]

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