Equities versus bonds: Which asset class offers best value?

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Investment managers of balanced portfolios use a myriad fundamental and technical indicators on which to base their decisions regarding their portfolios’ allocation between equities, bonds property and cash.

And following a 27,3% rally in domestic equity prices since the FTSE/JSE All Share Index hit a low of 18 121 on 3 March […]

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Video-o-rama: Risky assets – optimism waxing, pessimism waning

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This post features a selection of a few worthwhile video clips produced over the past few days. […]

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Faber: The frame of mind of American economic policymakers

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“I seldom become depressed, but when I consider that prosperity is created by ‘peace, easy taxes and a tolerable administration of justice’ I really think the US and other Western governments are doing their very best to impoverish their countries,” said Marc Faber in a thought-provoking two-part article. Read on … […]

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The peril of bigger government

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A picture tells a thousand words … […]

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