Poll du Jour: Stock market – buy, hold or sell?

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The stock market declines over the past few days were not unexpected as fundamental and technical measures have indicated that the spring rally was exhausting itself. But what do you think? Spare a moment to participate in a quick poll. […]

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Bill King: Deflation trade back in vogue

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“… there have been enough warnings to induce the prudent to lighten up and move to the sidelines. So unless the Fed changes the table, the deflation trade is back in vogue,” said Bill King in this guest post. […]

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Corporate spreads still have a way to go

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Most indications are that the credit market tide has turned on the back of the massive reflation efforts orchestrated by central banks worldwide and that the credit system has started thawing. However, although the convalescence process seems to be well on track, it still has a way to go. […]

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Corporate Spreads Still Have a Way To Go
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Obama regulations – Icarus grounded

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Icarus was so rapt the splendor of flight that he went too near the sun and his wings melted. This Greek story reminded a cartoonist of the banks’ fall to earth. […]

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