Technical talk: Resilient, resilient, resilient …

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This post provides a short update on the US stock markets by technical analyst Kevin Lane. […]

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Gone A.W.O.L – to Slovenia and Switzerland

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I will find myself in Slovenia and Switzerland over the next two weeks, taking a break and soaking up some Northern Hemisphere sun. Blog posting will be slow while I am on the road and the normal service will be resumed on my return to Cape Town on July 11. (Click through to post to learn more about Slovenia.) […]

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Global stock markets – positive breadth

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This post features a useful indicator to measure market breadth across global stock markets. […]

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Recession – as murky as you get

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No economic “green shoots” yet for this cartoonist … […]

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Taylor Rule, asset prices, risk and SARB

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By Cees Bruggemans

Interest rate decisions are not easy moments, as today showed once again, with the SARB keeping interest rates unchanged, prime being kept unchanged at 11%.

It may have looked effortless, keeping rates unchanged, yet so many private analysts expected a 0.5% rate cut. Then again, then there had […]

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