Gone A.W.O.L – to Slovenia and Switzerland

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I will find myself in Slovenia and Switzerland over the next two weeks, taking a break and soaking up some Northern Hemisphere sun with my wife Isabel and two kids, Monique (10 years) and Jean (8 years).

Blog posting will be slow (and totally absent on some days) while I am on the road and “Words” from the Wise” will take a break for the next two Sundays (June 28 and July 5). The normal blogging service will be resumed on my return to Cape Town on July 11.

However, I will be “tweeting” regularly throughout my trip. For those not familiar with the concept, a Twitter feed has been added to the sidebar of Investment Postcards where I post short comments (maximum 140 characters) on topical market issues, and also on my personal whereabouts. You can also “follow me” direct on Twitter by clicking here.

For those not familiar with Slovenia, the country has been dubbed many things – “Europe in Miniature”, “The Sunny Side of the Alps”, “The Green Piece of Europe” – and they’re all true. It is a compact country, around half the size of Switzerland, and is situated between Austria (280 km from Salzburg and 370 km from Vienna), Croatia (135 km from Zagreb), Hungary (440 km from Budapest) and Italy (220 km from Venice and 470 km from Milan), in the very centre of Europe.

Although it is a small country of only 20 273 km2, it is very diverse with areas of outstanding natural beauty ranging from rugged Alpine mountains to tranquil lakes to fairytale forests to valleys with lush vineyards and even a stretch of beautiful coastline on the Adriatic. The country’s “wooded” area amounts to 63% of the total, making it a clear leader in this category among all European countries (even beating Sweden).

Add a historic capital like Ljubljana with unsurpassed architecture, museums and numerous cafes along the river banks and you indeed have a cross-section of Europe. Moreover, all this can be experienced in a single day – after all, it only takes three to four hours to drive across the entire country.

Now for braving 13 hours at airports and on airplanes flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg, then on to Frankfurt, and finally to Ljubljana. Meanwhile, I have posted a few pictures below to give you a feel for my surroundings over the next few days …







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6 comments to Gone A.W.O.L – to Slovenia and Switzerland

  • Greetings from Slovenia!

    What will you be doing here anyway? If you’re coming just as a tourist, then I must say I’m quite proud 🙂

  • Tomaz

    Welcome to Slovenia. You have some readers here :). Very nice description of our country. I hope you will enjoy the stay here. Make sure to visit Piran, Bled, Bohinj, Postojna cave.. Have a nice holliday and thanks again for such a nice description of our Country. I feel proud 🙂

  • Denis

    Dear Prieur,

    I am delighted to hear that you are visiting our country. How have you fond Slovenia and decided to come? I am asking because it is interesting that someone from southern hemisfere knows facts about our country that are not widely known not even in the nearest European countries.

    I would also like to say that you are doing amaizing job with your internet site. I simply can not imagine how are you able to do all this reading, writting and editing day by day, week by week having in mind that you are probably having even a lot more work directly connected to your’s financial manegement business.

    If you need any advice or help on where to go, what to do and how to organize it, please do not hesitate to contact me. Off course, I can send you my mobile phone nmber as well.

    Kind regards,
    Your reader from Ljubljana

  • Denis, Tomaz & Dare: Thank you for your kind messages. I started traveling to Slovenia about three years ago and have since been back six times. I have also recently been appointed as Slovenia’s Honorary Consul for South Africa. (I will alert you to the Consulate’s website when it goes live over the next few days.) The purpose of my vist on this occasion is part business and part holiday. In addition to Ljubljana, our excursions will include Bled, Bohinj, Kranjska Gora, Postojna, Piran and Lipica.

    You can be very proud of your wonderful country!

  • Tomaz

    Thanks for the info. If you are visiting in next 14 days, you could also visit my town, Maribor. It is second biggest town in Slovenia and starting today, we have our beloved Lent fest, which will last 14 days and which is visited by a million people in those 14 days. This is quite a lot for such a small town(120.000 habitants). It is all happening by the river with many guests etc.. You are welcome to see by yourself 🙂

  • I am glad that you like Slovenia and hope your trip will be nice.

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