Consider the components of equity returns

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In an environment characterized by increasingly shorter investment horizons, the concept of compounding sounds so passé, but it remains one of the most important principles governing investment. The time has perhaps come to look beyond the short-term noise and focus on good old stock picking, and specifically those companies with strong balance sheets that will be growing their dividends over time with a reasonable degree of certainty. […]

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Why the economy will remain weak

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This post features excerpts from the weekly market commentary by well-respected Comstock, arguing that the stock market rally has probably exhausted itself in the absence of a strong economic recovery – an event unlikely to materialize any time soon. […]

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Interest rate outlook 2009-2010

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By Cees Bruggemans

With the SARB going on hold last week, the prime interest rate remaining at 11%, the question is what next.

Another cut of 0.5% in August, prime falling to 10.5%?

Or have we reached a bottom, prime remaining at 11% through next year, with the speculation shifting […]

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No lift from stimulus

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Notwithstanding the stimulus package, the US economy remains grounded … […]

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