Don Coxe webcast – updated

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Donald Coxe has just updated his webast – make a point of listening to this popular recording. […]

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Video-o-rama: Fresh wave of risk aversion

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The usual debate on the outlook for the economy and financial markets dominated the video channels over the past few days, but interesting snippets on the improved forecast of the IMF for the global economy, the viability of the Public-Private Investment Program (PPIP), the role of the US dollar as reserve currency and the prospects for the earnings-reporting season were also featured in the clips included in the Video-o-rama compilation. […]

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Paradise in Heidi’s country

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This post shares a few paragraphs on my present whereabouts in Europe. […]

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Bill King: Automated front-running on an unfathomable scale

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“… recent revelations are forcing the Street to consider the possibility of automated front-running on an unfathomable scale. There are also frustration and astonishment that the media, regulators and our duly elected are not addressing what could be the biggest financial abuse story of our time, if not history,” said Bill King in this thought-provoking guest post. […]

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Let’s try another stimulus bill

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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results” … […]

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