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I have received a number of enquiries about the Don Coxe webcast not having been updated last week. Don does skip a week every now and then (and last week was the fourth of July holiday after all), but the good news is that it was updated today, July 10.

You can access the recording from the sidebar of the Investment Postcards site by clicking on Don’s photograph.

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1 comment to Don Coxe webcast – updated

  • Eric

    It’s amusing to hear Coxe once again feel the need to shy away from conspiracies. He speaks of Paul Volker as not being capable of participating in Coxe’s conspiracy theory (“Midnight Massacre” of July 2008), yet is obviously totally unaware that Volker states in his memoirs that it was a mistake to not have managed the gold price during his chairmanship of the Fed. With Coxe idolizing goofballs like Dennis Gartman or being unable to look at Volker’s own statements (selective perception on the part of Coxe), is it any wonder that Coxe fails to understand how the gold market has been trading in the last two decades? What’s more, there’s no conspiracy theory about the PPT or gold manipulation, etc. The government is open about what it is doing and the gold market manipulation is just as publicly documented (in the form of statements and testimony from folks like Greeenspan) as the open policies of quantitative easing (bond market manipulation) and many other open forms of government involvement in managing the economy. I get tired of hearing smart people like Coxe suffering from apparent need to dodge conspiracies. Conspiracies known as public policy planning happen as a matter of course. It’s documented.

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