Let’s try another stimulus bill

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Source: Glen Foden, July 7, 2009.

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1 comment to Let’s try another stimulus bill

  • PBS

    However it is even much worse than the post implies.

    The First “stimulus” in the latter day cascading mania disaster was the housing bubble “stimulus” applauded by the cheerleading likes of Krugman, Frank, Dodd and the host of other demented Keynsians/socialists (excuse the redundancy) in response to the dot com bust. They were worried the stimulus would produce no activity. Unfortunately it produced lots of activity — all destructive activity, none of it useful. Boobs got homes they could not afford, at bloated prices no one could afford, with lots of sales, financing and development work and high paying employment throughtout the economy and the world. And do not forget that the GSEs largely financed this nonsense with tacit government guarantees and under central government coercion to produce homes for all deadbeats.

    Mr Obama’s latest “stimulus” is the second and not the first “stimulus” of useless and destructive activity. If it has truly failed to take and continue the destruction, HOORAY. As has been often observed, Drunken Bums cannot drink themselves sober.

    If the latest squandering “stimulus” has failed in its vandalism and stalled, if the deadly repetitive insanity has ceased, at least the possibility of a new, adult, productive approach presents itself.

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