What would you say to Lloyd Blankfein?

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Artist Geoffrey Raymond takes “Big Lloyd Three” outside the Goldman Sachs and New York Stock Exchange buildings to let employees, investors and passers-by tell him how they feel. Raymond unveiled the portrait of Lloyd Blankfein – his latest work – on the Plaza outside 85 Broad Street on 6 July. The portrait is titled “Big Lloyd 3 (The Root)” and passers-by are asked to annotate it with color markers.

This is also your chance, dear reader, to share with the Investment Postcards community any message that you may have for Mr Blankfein, chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs – a company very much in the limelight of late for its large influence on Capitol Hill, the recent theft of some of its proprietary trading code, the sale by executives of almost $700 million of stock while the bank enjoyed the support of $10 billion of TARP money, and its imminent second-quarter results.

There is certainly much to comment on – please let your remarks roll in by leaving your message for Mr Blankfein in the comments section of this post. Let’s see if we can hit a record number of comments.

Click on the image below to view the reaction of employees and passers-by.

Source: TheStreet.com, July 9, 2009.

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5 comments to What would you say to Lloyd Blankfein?

  • Stephen Mapes

    I think it is very interesting that if GS code was stolen and they say it could be used to manipulate the market, thats just what GS has been doing. Jail tile seems appropriate

  • Ian Nunn

    Congratulations to the success of America’s premier financial oligarch. I’m sure when Geithner’s gone…

  • Ty

    Arguably, the largest organized criminal banking cartel ever, and that goes for their proxies in government…

  • sbing

    how does it feel mr. blankfein to be the “giant squid wrapped around the face of humanity”*, sucking all money and energy to you. must be fun to know you almost destroyed the world economy and are now using the taxpayer funds that bailed you out to pump your own stock. way to go lloyd!

    *matt taibbi

  • bits

    What’s so great about a 3 billion quarterly profit? Put me in the position of GS receiving advance inside information of every government and Fed announcement before it is released publicly and I can front run the markets too. Find a key public position relating to finance and you will find a GS alumni. BTW, when Paulson and Bernanke met to consider whether to bail out AIG…surprise, surprise Mr. Blankfein…you were the only other person there. What a coincidence that GS received the first 12 billion of taxpayer dollars paid out by AIG. The entire bunch of Wall Street banksters should be sent to jail.

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