WealthTrack’s Great Investors: A Conversation with Peter Bernstein

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This week in the WealthTrack series on Great Investors, Consuelo Mack features the wisdom of the legendary Peter Bernstein, who died in June at age 90. Bernstein, an economist, financial consultant and author of ten books, including Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk, appeared in several exclusive television interviews with Mack in 2005 and 2007. Bernstein’s timeless observations about investing and the importance of understanding risk are even more relevant today.

Click here for the transcript of the interview.

Source: WealthTrack, July 17, 2009.

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2 comments to WealthTrack’s Great Investors: A Conversation with Peter Bernstein

  • Gentlemen (and Ladies) –

    I just listened to a few sessions with Peter Bernstein and found it to be brilliant. His comments on Risk and Asset Allocation are brilliant and I would highly recommend them to any of your readers who are interested in investing, be they amateurs or professionals.

    I managed Shell’s Pension Plans for many years and, with all my background and expertise, I still find that I can learn a great deal from people like Peter Bernstein, even if he passed on a few years ago.

    Len Chaikind
    Chairman and CEO – Institutional Investors Consulting Company – http://www.iicchome.comceoiicc@gmail.com

  • John Doe

    Peter Bernstein died in June 2009. You sure can learn alot when you read a little, that’s for sure. Try it sometime.

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