Is the yield curve indicating better tidings?

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The yield curve has steepened dramatically since the advent of the credit crisis. This post explores the implications of the yield curve for the stock market. […]

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Shiller: US remains in “bad recession”

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Robert Shiller says that although the housing market could be approaching a bottom, prices might remain in the “doldrums” for years to come as the United States remains in a “liquidity trap” comparable to the one it faced during the Great Depression. This post features his comments on this, as well as the stock market. […]

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Rebecca Wilder: A review of house price indices

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In this guest post, Rebecca Wilder compares three competing home price indices and comes to the conclusion that the monthly growth in home values is not as dire as suggested by the S&P Case Shiller Composite 20. Read on … […]

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The growing crowd

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Unemployment – the Achilles’ heel of the American economy. […]

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Pinpointing the recovery

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By Cees Bruggemans

At what point does GDP (the value of all goods and services produced in the economy, excluding inflation) stop dropping, ending recession? When does activity start rising again, heralding recovery?

Recession endings and recovery starts depend on what the level of GDP is doing. After spending, output, employment […]

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