Stock market – bubble or bull?

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Where on the “Irrational Exuberance Matrix” are we at this juncture in the US stock market? […]

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Video-o-rama: Dow back above 9,000

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This post offers a bumper compilation of the financial trials and tribulations that were captured on video during the past week. […]

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Rebecca Wilder: World economic updates for the week of July 17–24

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“This week, a compilation of indicators shows that the recovery is tentative at best – more likely, a global bottom has not yet been found. The leading indicators are stronger in some countries; exports are still declining at an annual pace of 20+ percent but stabilizing; and volatile retail sales growth rates are, well, quirky. Must wait for a trend – the US stock market(s) certainly see one coming!,” says Rebecca Wilder in this guest post. […]

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Obama – Plastic Man

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Is President Obama stretching himself too thin? […]

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