Picture du Jour: US housing – better days ahead?

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It would seem that the US housing market – arguably the Achilles heel of the global financial morass – is finally looking up. Confirmation of better tidings for housing also comes from the stock market in the form of a monthly chart of the Philadelphia Housing Index. […]

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Hugh Hendry walks the streets of China

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This home-made video clip features Hugh Hendry of Eclectica Asset Management walking around the streets of China and pointing out numerous empty buildings. Who will pick up the tab for creating all the overcapacity in the Chinese economy? […]

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Richard Karn: Credit and credibility (chapter 4)

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In a fascinating e-book, “Credit and credibility”, Richard Karn, author of the “Emerging Trends Report”, is now offering his assessment of today’s financial turmoil and what he considers to be the five most pressing issues the global economy will face in the years ahead. The fourth chapter is shared in this post. […]

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William Shatner makes Palin’s speech into poetry

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William Shatner on top form – at the expense of Sarah Palin. Enjoy. […]

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