Stock markets – secondary or primary bull?

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Ever since Richard Russell called a “Dow Theory bull signal” last Thursday, the debate has been rekindled as to whether the US stock markets are experiencing a primary (secular) bull market or a rally within a primary bear market, i.e. a secondary or so-called cyclical bull phase. This post adds some additional perspective, including reference to a very topical research study by Ned Davis. […]

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Recession’s end near?

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Are we done with this recession? I missed this discussion of a few days ago, featuring an economist, Nouriel Roubini of New York University, an historian, Niall Fergusson of Harvard, and a billionaire, real estate investor Mort Zuckerman, debating what is to come. Rather late than never, as the clip makes for good viewing material. […]

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Tracking a few of the Fed’s extraordinary programs

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In this guest contribution, Asha Bangalore concludes: “There is sufficient room under the provisions of current programs to provide support for the working of the financial system, and the Fed, as implied in the minutes of the June meeting and testimony by Bernanke, is currently focused on promoting growth and designing a suitable exit strategy.” […]

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Geithner’s housing dilemma

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This is a very humorous clip on Timothy Geithner’s difficulty in selling his house, including a short “consultation” with housing economist Robert Shiller. […]

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