The world according to America

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Source: Rob Sheridan

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7 comments to The world according to America

  • LOL! Well, as an American I can’t say that all my fellow countrymen would have these types of beliefs. But sadly, there are a few (mostly NASCAR fans). 😉

  • Funny! But actually more indicative of how the world sees Americans.

  • TF

    Obviously constructed by someone with a very biased view of Americans. While some Americans may see things this way, most are not that myopic in their view anymore.

    First of all, it is hard to characterize any “American” since we are culture comprised of more immigrants than any other nation in the world. To label all Americans as thinking any one way is plainly moronic. Heck, I walk down the street and within 20 or 30 minutes have passed people from Latin America, Asia, Africa (and not just African Americans), Europe, The Middle East, The Islands, India and more depending on the time and day. Can you seriously believe all of these people have the same viewpoint on the world? Certainly, no one that I associate with does and if they did the encounter would be as brief and infrequent as possible.

    I think the person that cooked this map up must have drawn their viewpoint from American TV reruns and our highly biased news reporting. I think they need to get out more or talk to some real people.

  • Jim

    How in the heck did you guys get a hold of a (George W.) Bush administration foreign policy brief?! I thought they had destroyed all this stuff! 🙂

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  • this graphic was created by Rob Sheridan, an artist who has worked 10 years with Nine Inch Nails

  • hey prieur, i’m long time Minyan (have read Todd-O for 10 years), enjoy your stuff

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