Rosenberg: The recession is dead, long live the recession!

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Since joining Gluskin Sheff & Associates from Merrill Lynch a few months ago, the daily research reports from chief economist and strategist David Rosenberg have been a breath of fresh air in the world of the “dismal science”. His notes yesterday on the typical macro-economic environment prevalent once the stock market has rallied by 49%, and how the current landscape stacks up against the historical average, are proof of the useful input that has regularly been forthcoming from Rosenberg. […]

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Is US hyperinflation a clear and present danger?

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“We hear a lot of concern that the mushroomed balance sheet of the Fed over the past two years is setting the stage for a 1970s style inflation here. So long as we have a fiat (a.k.a. Chrysler?) monetary standard, the threat of hyperinflation always lurks. But is the stage currently being set for such an eventuality? I do not think so,” argues Paul Kasriel in this thought-provoking guest contribution. […]

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I want to be a consumer

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A poem from Punch Magazine in 1934. How appropriate! […]

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