Prieur’s readings (September 23, 2009)

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This post provides links to a number of thought-provoking articles I have read over the past few days that you may also find of interest. Please also add the links to any other worthwhile articles you would like to share to the comments section. […]

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Medal of Honor: Top analyst Josh Rosner nailed the crisis

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This post features an interview with top analyst Josh Rosner, the inaugural recipient of the first annual Medal of Honor for Excellent Service Award. Read on … […]

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Central bank rates one year from now

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According to Morgan Stanley and the overnight indexed swap curve, the Fed target rate is expected to be just 52.9 bps higher than it is today in June 2010, or about 0.75%. The outlook for the benchmark interest rate is discussed in this guest post by Rebecca Wilder. […]

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Some new regulations …

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New regulations, according to cartoonnist Tom Toles. […]

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