Gerald Celente: “There is no economic recovery- it’s a cover-up”

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In this video clip, James Corbert of interviews Gerald Clemete of on the lie of the US economic landscape. “There  is no economic recovery – it’s a cover-up,” says Celente.

The following on Celente via Wikipipedia:

Gerald Celente (born November 29, 1946) is a United States trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events of historical importance. Celente has described himself as a “political atheist” and “citizen of the world.”

An article in the Washington Times has claimed “Celente’s accurate forecasts include the 1987 stock market crash, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the 1997 Asian currency crash” and “the 2007 subprime mortgage scandal.” His forecasts since 1993 have included predictions about terrorism, economic collapses and war. More recent forecasts involve fascism in the United States, food riots and tax revolts. Celente has long predicted global anti-Americanism, a failing economy and immigration woes in the US. In December 2007 Celente wrote, “Failing banks, busted brokerages, toppled corporate giants, bankrupt cities, states in default, foreign creditors cashing out of US securities … whatever the spark, the stage is set for panic in the streets” and “Just as the Twin Towers collapsed from the top down, so too will the US economy … when the giant firms fall, they’ll crush the man on the street.” He has also predicted tax revolts. In November 2008 Celente appeared on Fox Business Network and predicted economic depression, tax rebellions and food riots in the United States by 2012. Celente also predicted an “economic 9/11” and a “panic of 2008.”

In 2009 Celente predicted turmoil which he described as “Obamageddon” and he was a popular guest on conservative cable-TV shows such as Fox News Sunday and Glenn Beck’s tv program. In April 2009 Celente wrote, “Wall Street controls our financial lives; the media manipulates our minds. These systems cannot be changed from within. There is no alternative. Without a revolution, these institutions will bankrupt the country, keep fighting failed wars, start new ones, and hold us in perpetual intellectual subjugation.” He appeared on the Fox/Glenn Beck show and criticized the US stimulus plan, calling government controlled capitalism “fascism” and saying shopping malls in the US would become “ghost malls.” Celente has said, “smaller communities, the smaller groups, the smaller states, the more self-sustaining communities, will ‘weather the crisis in style’ as big cities and hypertrophic suburbias descend into misery and conflict,” and forecasts “a downsizing of America.”

Source: EclippTV, October 19, 2009.

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1 comment to Gerald Celente: “There is no economic recovery- it’s a cover-up”

  • basehitz

    If Celente is even directionally correct, given the incessant hype from Tout TV and other propaganda outlets, we’re in for a very rude awakening. The shock factor will multiply the effect.

    Realistically, besides printing money to finance endless backstops, bailouts and handouts to the politically connected, what have we done constructive? And it’s not like there aren’t viable options. For example, the US could develop it’s own abundant resources offshore and other areas, instead of remaining dangerously dependent on foreigners to send cheap oil paid for with borrowed money. And the govt let CIT fail (finances 1 million small businesses) while providing GM $50B in financing under the illusion they will ever be globally competitive.

    We are our own worst enemy.

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