Chart du Jour: Keep an eye on the yield curve

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Stocks are trading close to 2009 highs, being helped along by a record steepening of the yield curve. Put simply, the gap between 10- and two-year US government bond yields on Tuesday hit its widest spread ever – 286 basis points, beating last week’s 276 basis points and the previous record set in August 2003 of 274 basis points. How to interpret this? Read on …. […]

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Prieur’s readings (December 24, 2009)

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This post provides links to a number of interesting articles I have read over the past few days that you may also enjoy. […]

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Griffiths – almost halfway through dollar rally

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“We are almost halfway through the dollar rally,” said Robin Griffiths from Cazenove Capital. His target for the US Dollar Index is 81 (currently 77.9). Griffiths also sees stock markets “topping” in March next year and suggests investors look at high yield sectors like oils, pharmas, telecoms and tobacco. Click through for the interview. […]

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Rebecca Wilder: Gravity will drag the greenback down

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“The US dollar is on a roller coaster. And since S&P downgraded Greece to BBB+, the dollar has been on the rise. One can attribute the recent shift in the dollar to many things – improving US economic conditions, return to risk, or relative weakness in other G7 countries, whatever. But what is clear, is that the dollar’s gaining some strength, 4.7% since the beginning of December on a trade-weighted basis. But this is not sustainable. As economic recoveries diverge (i.e., the G7 recovery is expected to be slower than that in key emerging markets), the dollar will likely fall. That’s just gravity, and a necessary condition for sorting out global trade flows,” said Rebecca Wilder in this guest post. […]

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Xmas list – change you can believe in

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May all our Xmas wishes come true … […]

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