Inventories give extra lift to Q4 GDP

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“The FOMC is expected to hold the federal funds rate unchanged at 0%-0.25% until August. The policy statement of January 27 FOMC painted a more upbeat picture of the economy compared with the December 16 policy announcement. The nature of future economic reports holds the key to the timing monetary policy tightening,” said Asha Bangalore in this guest contribution after the publication of the Q4 GDP statistics. […]

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Japan rescinds war on deflation (Part 2)

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“The Bank of Japan recognizes its on-going role to plug the spending gap left by non-government saving (and the export collapse) and it recognises it has the capacity as a sovereign issuer of its own currency to run large deficits. In this sense, the Japanese government is placing a premium on keeping unemployment low and is resisting pressures from the deficit hawks, the neo-liberals, and the horribly incompetent ratings agencies,” argues Rebecca Wilder in this guest post. […]

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The good news and the bad news …

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A message as only a cartoon can convey it. […]

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