Michael Belkin’s model points up for stocks

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Kate Welling of welling@weedon has just conducted another of her top-class interviews with Michael Belkin. Belkin is the author of The Belkin Report that I used to read regularly, but have had difficulty in obtaining over the past two years or so. He has a huge reputation among institutional investors and got his calls right more often than not when I still had access to his material. Read on for his latest thinking. […]

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US still burdened by financial woes

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This post includes a few snippets regarding the investigation being conducted by Neil Barofsky, Special Inspector General of the TARP watchdog. The plot is thickening, as they say … […]

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Technical Talk: Where will the S&P 500 find support?

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“Although the selling has been broad based of late and internals such as momentum and breadth have weakened slightly, they still appear to reflect correction conditions and not something greater. The question we are now trying to answer is where can the S&P 500 find some support and stabilize?” asked technical analyst Kevin Lane. […]

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If PIGS could fly

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“The fate of global equity markets is very much in the hands of bond investors. Under normal circumstances, this is the best time to be in equities. But these times are not normal, so do not expect that the outstanding performance of 2009 will be repeated in 2010. If international bond markets calm down again – and that may happen, at least temporarily – equities can probably post further (but modest) gains in 2010; however, the end game is approaching. If bond investors do not revolt in 2010, they probably will in 2011, so playing the economic recovery through equities is a dangerous game,” argued Niels Jensen in this guest post. […]

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Senior Loan Officer Survey – Bankers less stringent; weak loan demand

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“Financial headwinds are holding back the pace of economic recovery. This mantra has been repeated frequently in recent months. The latest Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey now paints an improvement in credit conditions from the supply side. Bankers are not tightening standards but loan demand is weak,” said Asha Bangalore in this guest post. […]

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By Cees Bruggemans, Chief Economist FNB.

There lingers a deep uncertainty in the world at large, as much here as abroad, in financial markets as among policymakers, touching investors, consumers, boardrooms.

Periodically such uncertainty and associated anxiety can be observed rippling through the everyday surface, for a while threatening to disruptively […]

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