Picture du Jour: GDP – what it really looks like

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By now we all know that a swing in inventories flattered the growth in U.S. Q4 GDP. The chart included in this post, courtesy of Goldman’s chief US economist Jan Hatzius, shows the “real” story. It illustrates that the growth in real final demand – basically GDP excluding inventory restocking – is flat and doesn’t live up to past recoveries at all. […]

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Chanos sees “overheating and overindulgence” in China

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James Chanos, legendary hedge fund manager and president of Kynikos Associates, makes an appearance to discuss the outlook for China. Chanos’s views on China have been well covered in the media (specifically in The New York Times), as well as Jim Rogers’s response thereto, but in this video you can hear the real story from the horse’s mouth so to speak. […]

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John Embry: Why gold will keep going up

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This post provides a link to a recent speech by John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist of Sprott Asset Management, on the outlook for gold bullion (courtesy of GATA). […]

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President Obama’s budget with Altman, Bayh and Gregg

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Charlie Rose sits down with Roger Altman, former United States Deputy Treasury Secretary, Evan Bayh, an American politician, and Judd Gregg, a former Governor of New Hampshire and current US Senator. A link to the transcript of the interview is also provided. […]

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Global consumer confidence is still less than stellar

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Consumers around the world are generally more upbeat, but not uniformly so, argues Rebecca Wilder in this guest post. […]

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Federal spending – is the gas pedal stuck

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How about a “recall”? […]

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