Video feast: Make Markets Be Markets

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The Roosevelt Institute recently hosted an investment conference, Make Markets Be Markets, in New York City. All the presentations are posted on Vimeo, icluding speakers such as George Soros, Joseph Stiglitz, Simon Johnson, Jim Chanos and Elizabeth Warren. Click here if you have some spare time over the weekend.

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1 comment to Video feast: Make Markets Be Markets

  • Gary Spaid

    This horrible series should have been called: “Let’s make government bigger, regulate everything, and take money from productive people and give it to unproductive people” One broad suggested lower fees for NSF checks. Perhaps it would be better to eliminate the teacher’s unions, eliminate the US Department of Education, let states educate their children so they could do the simple math necessary to balance their checkbooks. What a waste of my time! Most of the folks that got huge Honorariums never ran a business. They spent their entire careers on the teat of the public, in acadamia land.

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