Bill Black – to rob a country, own a bank

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The five-part video interview below features Bill Black, associate professor at UMKC, former bank regulator who helped sorting out the savings and loans mess, and author of The best way to rob a bank is to own one. Do not miss this thought-provoking footage put together by

Part 1

Black talks about deliberate fraud on Wall Street.

Source: (via YouTube), March 19,2010.

Part 2

The finance sector is a huge parasite – it transfers wealth from the poor to the wealthy.

Source: (via YouTube), March 20, 2010.

Part 3

There are so many shoes to fall from this crisis that it will be like Imelda Marcos’s closet after an earthquake.

Source: (via YouTube), March 21, 2010.

Part 4

Ten steps to reform the finance sector that the Administration and Congress won’t do.

Source: (via YouTube), March 22, 2010.

Part 5

What will it take for real finance reform? The next “big one” will be much worse.

Source: (via YouTube), March 24, 2010.

Hat tip: The Big Picture, March 30, 2010.

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