El-Erian on jobs and the economy

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El-Erian, Pimco CEO and Co-CIO, discusses with CNBC the jobs report and the impact it will have on the bond market. He also covers the outlook for the economy, making a distinction between cyclical and structural issues.

As will with El-Erian, this is good stuff.

Source: CNBC, April 1, 2010.

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3 comments to El-Erian on jobs and the economy

  • Pelican Pete

    Poor El-Erian, he was having a conversation with those CNBCers who had no idea what he was talking about. Mohammed had a very succinct point and he made it again and again with great patience. But it did not get through to the CNBC kool-aid crew.
    This recording should be used as an example of how manipulative broadcasting is being used in America and how most of us don’t even know it’s happening. Is this Free Press?

  • Just finally got around to listening to this, and previous commenter already stated my thoughts as watching…how this incredibly sharp,intelligent Terrorist (just kidding) put up with the stupid “arguments” of the CNBC crew is beyond belief.
    El Erian is a SOUND investing info source, and Bill Gross made a very wise decision in getting him to come to CA!

  • Just felt like I needed to ditto the first posters. The CNBC zombies were trying to hold the party banner. They were way out of their league with El-Erian.

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