In my absence, Investment Postcards breaks out!

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Not only stock markets and commodities are breaking out to new cycle highs; Investment Postcards is very much in a bull market of its own. Read on … […]

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Trade of the year – long silver, short Treasuries

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I noted the following on January 10, in a Words from the Wise review: “Will we perhaps look back at these assets [referring to bonds and silver] a year from now and see one of the worst and one of the top performers respectively for 2010? A long silver, short Treasuries trade makes perfect sense to me.” How has this “Trade of the Year” performed since the beginning of 2010? Read on … […]

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Timmy to the Chinese: “We’re all comrades now”

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I have often said that the U.S. is not in a position to smack its largest creditor in the face as seems to be happening more regularly, especially regarding the renminbi peg and trade barriers. I have been wondering how the conversation about these issues was running between Timmy and the Chinese, but there is no need to guess as Dave Galland over at Casey Daily’s Dispatch have come up with a possible script for the “negotiations”. […]

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Wealthtrack – Finding long-term values

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This week on Wealthtrack, Consuelo Mack conducts an exclusive television interview with third generation value investor Christopher Davis. This former Morningstar “Money Manager of the Year” discusses how family tradition helps him find long-term financial values.

Source: Wealthtrack, April 9, 2010.

Note: The transcript of this interview […]

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Airline extras – one step too far

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I have just had the pleasure of having to pay extra on a number of flights for the privilege of checking my luggage. Start adding the airline extras and airport and departure taxes together and you are soon talking real money. Where is this going to end? […]

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