In my absence, Investment Postcards breaks out!

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I have alerted readers a number of times to my jet-setting in the Americas in April. Readers often unsubscribe when I travel and post less regularly. But not this time, boys and girls!

The site actually gained, wait for this, more than 900 (+9%) new subscribers since I left the sight of Table Mountain behind 11 days ago. This catapulted the subscriber base through the magic 10,000 level! So, not only stock markets and commodities are breaking out to new cycle highs; Investment Postcards is very much in a bull market of its own.

A few recent posts made a huge contribution to the site’s increased popularity, notably: US stock market returns – what is in store?, US bonds – the end of a 30-year bull market; Help Japan – sell the yen and Japanese equities – turning the corner?

Some interesting readership statistics pertaining to the period since February 2008 – when the revamped version of Investment Postcards was launched – are as follows.

  • Total number of page views: 2,062,668
  • Total number of unique visitors: 1,492,233
  • Sites linking in: 325
  • Total number of posts: 2,080
  • Number of countries where site is read: 206
  • Most popular countries: US (59%), Canada (11%), UK (5%), South Africa (4%) and Australia (3%)
  • Most popular cities: New York, London, Singapore, Sydney and San Francisco
  • Gender: 83% male, 17% female
  • Age groups: 57% 50+; 26% 35–49, 15% 18–34
  • Academic qualifications: 39% graduate school, 36% college, 25% no college
  • Income: 49% $100k+, 19% $60k–$99k, 23% $30k–$59k

Not in my wildest dreams would I have expected my daily ramblings to attract such a large number of followers, and especially not of such high quality. I am humbled by the experience and can only say THANK YOU!

Lastly, if you have family, friends and colleagues that may enjoy the Investment Postcards posts, please encourage them to also subscribe to the daily updates by clicking here or on “Subscribe to Updates – Email” in the top right-hand corner of the home page.

San Diego airport is approaching and I need to wrap up. But I will soon be in touch again, this time from the beautiful Lodge at Torrey Pines, La Jolla.

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6 comments to In my absence, Investment Postcards breaks out!

  • JL

    Congrats Prieur, you do goood! Your posts are super well diversified and source selected, a great source for regular Joes like me who work a classic job and invest/speculate for the family/retirement. Besides you my other main source of ‘entertainment’ are the monthly 2 satang opinions by Marc Faber…still (Marc is getting too much anectotal and tired of doing his monthly commentary obviously laterly, you can read it between his lines; but perhaps he will get a kick again in future to put up more effort again…)

  • gmcguire

    You deserve every accolade you are receiving. Your web-site always provides educated, impartial information and viewpoints way above and beyond other sites plus you are not trying to “sell” anything. Thank you as always for letting me start my day with Postcards!

  • Meg T.


    I have been reading your blog practically from it’s inception and find your site a valuable resource. Thank you for all the time and effort you must put in to compile and share the interviews and charts that resonate for you. I really appreciate it and find the varied points of view help me sort out my own take on things and has helped me enormously in handling my investments.

  • Bruce Delbecq

    Congratulations. Your blog is great, and I am grateful for your willingness to share. I can not say I am thrilled with your new blog platform, loading the blog is slow, and I have to reboot my computer often attempting to download. No problems previously, or with other web sites. Thanks.

  • RickT

    Congrats Prieur. You’re one of the best out there with balancing viewpoints.

  • TomazSLO

    Well deserved. Keep up the good work.

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