Rosenberg vs. Russell: bull or bear on long bonds?

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I recently penned two bearish posts about the outlook for US Treasuries, namely “US bonds – the end of a 30-year bull market” and “Government bonds – what’s up?” Let’s now turn to two other analysts for additional perspectives on this very pertinent issue. […]

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Picture du Jour: Stock market rallies in context

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Chart of the Day has produced a handy graph to illustrate the magnitude of rallies that followed massive bear markets. Click through … […]

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Purchasing Managers Index gives back some gains

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By André Coetzee of Kagiso Securities.

The seasonally adjusted Kagiso PMI gave back some of February’s strong gains in March, falling by 4.8 index points to 55.6. Despite the decline, the PMI averaged 56.5 during 2010Q1 – the best reading since 2007Q2 and up strongly from 50.1 in 2009Q4. The […]

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Grading the Treasury

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The Congressional Oversight Panel is grading the Treasury Department again on its effectiveness and response to the foreclosure crisis. In this post, Elizabeth Warren, chairman of the oversight panel, talks to CNBC. […]

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Global consumer confidence less than stellar

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Wh the exception of Australia, the recent trend in global consumer confidence is nothing to get excited about, argues Rebecca Wilder in this guest post. […]

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Fouding Father Advice

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It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes … […]

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