No double-dip recession in store, but no V either

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Are stock markets, being discounting mechanisms, already starting to focus on a less than rosy economic recovery, and thereby also less lofty growth in corporate earnings? Given the full equity valuations, slower economic and earnings growth perhaps argue for a deeper correction than what most market pundits are calling for at the moment. […]

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Chinese money supply a headwind for equities

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With the Shanghai Composite Index (SSEC) now having declined by 23.3% since its peak of November 2010, it would seem that Chinese equities have indeed been a canary in the coal main and are now leading global bourses lower. Read on … […]

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Max Keiser: Future made in China?

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In this post, Max Keiser interviews Paul Midler, author of “Poorly Made in China”, about China’s $300 billion rail projects; how restricting liquidity in a command and control economy actually accentuates misallocation of resources; and about having to hire lawyers to find out what is in his shampoo. […]

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Greece & oil – plugging the hole

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A picture speaks a thousand words … […]

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