Bill Gross: Start shouting “New Normal”

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Bill Gross, co-founder and co-CIO of PIMCO, is to my mind one of the shrewdest money men around. His monthly newsletter, this month entitled “Alphabet Soup”, therefore always makes for thought-provoking reading. Click through for the report and a video interview. […]

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Stiglitz on the global economy

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In this interview, Nobel laureate and Columbia economist Joseph Stiglitz discusses why fiscal conservatism threatens the world economy. […]

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China increases the flexibility of the renminbi

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In this post, Mark Mobius argues that China’s new renminbi policy does not dramatically change his overall outlook on Chinese stocks. […]

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Ferguson, Roubini vs. Krugman: Slowdown or depression for the U.S.?

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“From all indications, it seems the U.S. most likely will only start slashing spending and implementing necessary measures − with some degrees of urgency − when coming under pressure from bond markets, similar to Greece and Spain. Fortunately, and unfortunately, one luxury of being such a big spender is that the U.S. practically holds its debtors hostage. Nevertheless, the day of reckoning could be coming, probably as soon as the euro zone comes out of this crisis … one way or another,” said Dian Chu in this guest post. […]

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Rand feast or famine in 2010–2013

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By Cees Bruggemans, Chief Economist of FNB.

After gaining 22% on real trade-weighted this past year, from undervalued to overvalued, the Rand is not going to stand still during 2010-2013.

But what will it be, feast or famine, and in what order?

It doesn’t help the […]

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Watered down financial reform bill …

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Wall Street is again getting its way! […]

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