Emerging markets showing mature markets a clean pair of heels

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Not only does the economies of emerging countries look healthier than those of their mature counterparts, but stock market valuations are also more favorable. Click through for the skinny … […]

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Face to face with Stephen Roach on economic recovery

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In this video, Morgan Stanley’s Stephen Roach tells WSJ’s Kelly Evans the fragile US recovery could be undone and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s policies too closely mirror Alan Greenspan’s. He also insists Asian economies aren’t ready to take the baton from the West. […]

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Escaping a double-dip recession

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Further to my post of yesterday, arguing that the world economy in general and the U.S. economy in particular will probably escape a double-dip recession, a short note from BCA Research arrived that essentially confirms my conclusion. Read on for the content … […]

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Martin Wolf: The stimulus vs austerity debate

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Stimulus vs austerity is the key question that some of the world’s leading economists will be answering in a new Financial Times series. To kick the series off, Martin Wolf, FT’s chief economics commentator, and Chris Giles, FT’s economics editor, examine why the debate has become so important and what has changed in the past year. […]

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Prieur’s readings (July 19, 2010)

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This post provides links to a number of interesting articles I have read over the past few days that you may also enjoy. […]

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Wealthtrack: Lowenstein sharing his advice

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On this week’s WealthTrack, Consuelo Mack interviews a journalist who is considered to be a must read among top investors. Roger Lowenstein is a former Wall Street Journal reporter who has written books covering subjects ranging from Warren Buffett, to the tech crash, to the nearly catastrophic failure of hedge fund Long Term Capital Management, to the most recent financial crisis in his book The End of Wall Street. Lowenstein discusses the current financial climate and the challenges we face investing in it. […]

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