Marc Faber: “Fed is clueless”

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In this video, Marc Faber, author of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, said the Fed will “print and print and print, until the final crisis wipes out the entire system”.

Click through for a wide-ranging discussion.

Source: (via YouTube), August 5, 2010.

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1 comment to Marc Faber: “Fed is clueless”

  • Jan Noack

    My thoughts exactly. However what I have found is that I would have been better off in bonds, instead of pulling out of them. Whenever the US prints the bonds go up. I would guess that Us treasuries yield (and other bonds)can keep lowering until about negative 2% (security- yu pay them up to that much to hold your money from theft)? The yield spread lowered since March 09 as well, raising the price of bonds on weaker companies. Inflation (price rises) are occuring in Australia and the emerging economies(from the US printing)- as you say money HAS to go somewhere. Agree the US$ should continue lower and emerging markets wages and currencies should rise bringing the system more into balance gradually.
    Do you think the bond spread will widen again making bonds bad.
    I had though bonds risky originally as if they go bad, they can fall to nothing (and are highly correlated in the same country I would think?), so IF the printing and rescues had not occurred they would NOT have risen..
    As I agreee with you that the printing will continue.. will the bonds remain safe, and will the spread widen again?..otherwise bonds may not be risky after all?

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