I’m back – alive and kicking!

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As you might have guessed, I have taken a few weeks off for some R&R and to spend quality time with my family, including a cruise from Venice down the Adriatic Sea to a few Greek isles such as Mykonos and Corfu, and also mainland Greece. The pictures below should give you a taste … (More will be posted shortly on Facebook.)

The Du Plessis family (I, wife Isabel, and kids Monique and Jean) boarding the Splendour of the Seas for our first-ever cruise …

All dressed up to attend the Captain’s dinner …

And, finally, inspecting first-hand Greece’s assets at the Parthenon, Acropolis.

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5 comments to I’m back – alive and kicking!

  • Superstar

    Great pics. What cruise line did you use? Did you like it? Santorini is one of the most beautiful Greek ports, did you visit it?

    You had me worried. Next time let us know when you go on extended leave so we don’t send out a search party.



  • jan nellen

    Hi Prieur,
    Jan Nellen here. a new friend in Sarasota Florida. former CTonian.
    sweet shots of your beautiful family. Looks like you had a great time. cruises are fun occasionally and the kids seem to love it.
    Hoping to come to CTown in December. Thanks for the great letters from CT. Just love reading your work.

  • John Ellett

    I am glad you had some wonderful R&R with your family and happy you are back – alive and kicking, as I look forward to continue receiving your insightful posts!!!

  • nick fredericksz

    welcome back prieur – i missed your insightful comments. regards nick

  • Your family is fortunate to have visited the Parthenon.

    Acropolis Guards have not been paid by the Government, for 1 year , and have locked the entry-gates.

    Today, we are told, some 200 Dutch school-children tried to visit the Parthenon, where Riot Police tried to gain access for them via a back-gate :

    . . . there was uproar, and some of the school-children accidentely were Tear-Gassed !!!

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