Stiglitz: Fed is chief culprit in financial crisis

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Economist Joseph Stiglitz, professor at Columbia University, says the Federal Reserve bears the bulk of the burden for creating the financial crisis and has learned very little since then.

Source: Forbes, October 29, 2010.

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2 comments to Stiglitz: Fed is chief culprit in financial crisis

  • If we realized this FRAUD excessive quantitative easing was going on for 30 years, 1 whole Generation and not just 3 years, we would stop it immediately. The only way the Global Economy can be rebalanced is by destroying a whole generation of Middle Class accustomed to the old way of Life.

  • Terry

    Stigletz is right but for the wrong reasons. The dude is a Keynesian economist who used to be with the World Bank. He believes in global regulation of economies not a free market. I find his comments to be way off the mark and frankly wonder how anyone could take a Nobel Prize seriously with winners like Stigletz and Obama.

    Look at the national debt clock on this page. $13.7 Trillion and running faster and now the Fed wants to pump another $900 Billion of worthless currency into the economy to further inflate a debt bubble that is over $43,000 per citizen? And these are our “experts”?

    The plan is to take down the U.S. and replace it with India and China as the manufacturing providers. The crashing of the dollar is their intent and part of their plan. This pumping up of the bubble with more fiat Fed notes fits right in. Soon massive inflation will take place and then the government will swoop in with even more regulations to save us all from the crisis they created through the inflationary Federal Reserve’s fiat notes.

    It ain’t gonna be pretty.

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